AITScan™ Aerial Services

Our aerial services provide infrared solutions for a variety of problems including roof moisture, steam leaks, pollution, and more. Check out each service below to learn more!

Aerial infrared image of a building roof

Roof Moisture FindIR™

Detect Roof Leakage and Moisture Contamination

Roof Moisture FindIR™ provides innovative methods for detecting hard-to-spot waterproofing problems for large facilities.

Aerial thermal mapping image of an underground steam leak

Steam Leak FindIR™

Detect/Pinpoint Leaks in your Steam Distribution System

Steam Leak FindIR™ provides an efficient and cost-effective way to spot steam leak issues, allowing for energy savings

Thermal mapping image detecting pollution in a waterway

Pollution FindIR™

Identify and Locate Sources of Water Contamination.

Pollution FindIR™ provides a cost-effective way to identify and determine exact locations of pollutants from a variety of sources.

Thermal mapping image of deer within a habitat

Animal FindIR™

Count and Identify Animal Types Within a Habitat

Animal FindIR™ allows us to quickly and effectively count and identify a variety of animal types within all different types of habitats.

Thermal mapping image of a chip pile fire within a landfill

LandFill Fire FindIR™

Detect and Locate Subsurface Landfill Fires

LandFillFire FindIR™ allows thermographers to detect and pinpoint the exact location and extent of hazardous sub-surface landfill fires. Early detection is key to preventing serious environmental problems due to fire.

Aerial infrared image of buried water lines

HTHW Leak FindIR™

Finds Leaks and Improper Insulation in HTHW, MTHW, and LTHW System Lines

HTHW Leak FindIR™ allows our thermographers to clearly pinpoint problem areas for underground system lines. Discovery of these problem areas can lead to long-term energy savings.

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